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Air Conditioning Services

Fixing any kind of faulty air conditioner is a complicated and technical process that requires a very detail oriented skill set and knowledge to put into practice. Unless you have a proper electric and mechanical training, and the right set of equipment, it is more likely you will fail to repair your AC on your own. Aside from the huge waste of resources including all your time and effort, undertaking such tasks without a basic grasp of the subject can lead not only to injuries but even to further damage your AC and thus rendering it irreparable. We heard some horror stories. Rest assured, if you live in the greater West Palm Beach Florida area, you can leave everything to us, the trusted and experienced experts that have been serving this community for over a decade.

Our Services include, but are not limited too:

AC Repair

Was your air conditioner installed properly? Whether its faulty wiring, a bad filter, or mechanical problems within the AC unit itself, we can help. We have assessed so many cases that our technicians can quickly and accurately identify the problems you have, and how to remedy them in a timely manner.

Heating Repair

We don’t need too many nights for the heating here in Florida, but it does get cold for a few days, sometimes weeks, and a fully functioning heating system operating at maximum capacity is needed regardless. HVAC systems have many working parts and heating can fail while your AC can still work.

Air Conditioning Installs

Perhaps it's time for an upgrade altogether. Older units can’t provide the same strength in air comfort, often taking longer to cool down your home or space. This requires more energy, hence making your energy bill higher. Air quality also takes a toll over time and isn’t as good with older machines and filters. Maintenance Many don't realize that regular maintenance on these machines is normal and you should consider maintenance on your unit.


For additional information, non-servicing requests, and all other special inquiries, please call specifying the nature of the call and identify your business first, and we will assist you as best we can. Solicitations and calls of this nature are screened and monitored carefully.


West Palm Beach AC Repair serving the greater & surrounding West Palm Beach area. Experienced & Licensed HVAC professionals ready to serve the community.